15 Best Blogs To Follow About Natural Health

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Alternative options for health and medicines are being chosen by the people nowadays. More famous are the herbal medicines for natural health care. But before taking any kind of medication, one needs to be guided to choose the best.

For that, many natural health blog sites are available, providing a tsunami of information on natural health news update and different forms of natural remedies that are available at your disposal.

As alternative health and natural remedies are becoming more and more mainstream, alternative health blogs are popping up with more and more useful materials and information.

We are here to help you sort out some of the most satisfying, level-headed and informative natural health blogs and out of all, we have selected 15 best blogs which will provide you sound information and clear all your doubts about natural health and natural remedies and home remedies.

Some of these blogs are written by naturalistic doctors and some other practitioners who work in this field.

These blogs provide valuable information but make sure that you share your plans with your physician and always let them know about any kind of medication you take.

Here is a list of 15 best blogs to which you can refer before taking any kind of herbal medication:

  • Dr. Joseph Mercola


It is an official blog of Dr. Joseph Mercola, a recognized doctor in the areas of integrating the concept of natural health into various diseases for treatment and healing. It provides information on various forms of alternative as well as natural health. You may also find videos and informative health guides on most important health issues.





  • Dr. Oz – Alternative health


Dr. Oz is a cardiac surgeon whose early career experience led him blends the natural health medication with the western medication. In his natural health section you can find reliable and valuable information.






  • Natural Holistic health


    This health blog was founded by Dr. Dee Braun. Many expert contributors have contributed their expert advice on natural health. This blog covers topics from smoking cessation to its cure.



    • Modern alternative health



      This blog educates its readers about the various natural health issues and empowers them to take better care of themselves.





      • Alternative medicine zone 



        This blog provides various reliable and informative articles related to natural and alternative health and the medications.




        • Joyous health:- Joy McCarthy



          Joy McCarthy, the holistic nutritionist is the founder of this informative blog site. She is qualified enough to share the practical health and nutrition information with her readers.





          • New health ideas 


            It provides information regarding everything, be it:

            • Natural health
            • Medical news
            • Rehabilitation
            • Rejuvenation
            • Smoking cessation, etc.

            It also addresses the important political and legal issues regarding natural therapies. You can also visit healthylifestyletips for more info.



            • Ayurvedic talk  


              It consists of the topics which revolve around:

              • Indian Ayurveda,
              • herbal remedies,
              • Herbs,
              • rejuvenation therapies,
              • How to quit smoking, etc.




              • Embracing health:- Yvonne Villarreal, MD 


                It was founded by Leisa Wheeler which aims to provide life changing health information.





                • HomeRemediesWeb 

                It strives to be the best online resource for finding home remedies, herbal remedies, and natural treatments for common ailments and illnesses. There are dozens of resources online to find such remedies these days, but we feel that there is still a lack of high-quality and detail-oriented information. We aim to fill that gap.


                • Authentic self-wellness:- Margaux J Rathbun 


                 It provides an expertise on living a longer and healthier lifestyle through natural health and wellness.





                • The complete guide to natural healing:- Kathi Keville 


                It offers expert advice on natural health medication. You’ll find the practical information provided by a panel of experts.







                • Prana holistic 


                It removes the barriers and wants the people to understand that life needs to be lived without any pain. It is a must read if you’re really interested in taking better care of yourself.




                • Dr. Geo 


                It offers an insight on men’s health, the issues regarding that and how using natural health alternative medication, men should take care of themselves and should keep themselves healthy.



                • Natural news 


                It is a science based natural health organization which is run by Mark Adams. It empowers its readers with fact based information on critical health issues as well as natural health medication. It is a must read.





                So, before taking any kind of medication or herbal treatment, these blogs are a must read as it provides enough information on what to do, how to do and when to do, when natural health comes into play. Once you read these blogs, it will become much easier for you to choose the right herbal medication for yourself.


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