3 Top Workouts To Boost Metabolism and Melt The Fat Fast

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3 Top Workouts To Boost Metabolism Fast

A good metabolism is our best way to success in our weight loss goals. It keeps our body burning calories all day long and gives us more energy to complete our daily tasks. Therefore, if we want to get slim and sexy, we need to keep our metabolism working at optimal speed. You can guarantee that trudging along on the treadmill at half speed won't help you in that regard.

Try one of these three exercises to rev your metabolism into high gear and melt that fat off your body once and for all!

# 1 Weight Training: Weight training is the best exercise, hands down, for creating bigger, stronger muscles. Most weight training exercises focus on one major muscle group but some can target a number with just one move. You can create a weight-training workout by selecting what body part you want to target and move on from there. For example, you can make Mondays your arm day and include curls, flys, and presses in a circuit to get those guns firing! Wednesday could be leg day and you can include squats, leg press, and deadlifts.

This is an example of isolating the muscle groups, or you can go all out and work your whole body just once a week. The key is to gain muscle mass, which will boost your metabolism big time. A muscular body needs much more energy and attention than a flabby, wimpy body. It will burn up every last bit of food you eat and turn into muscle fuel.

Your body will be a furnace all day long, which is why weight training is number one on the metabolism-boosting list of exercises. If you are looking to get your metabolism pumping, it’s time to start pumping some iron.

#2 High Intensity Interval Training: High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is a very popular workout because it is an anaerobic workout that takes very little time and can be done anywhere without any equipment. It can be done with weights or other exercises. The most common way for HIIT workouts to be completed is by using your own bodyweight as resistance and moving your body in short intense burst. The best moves have a plyometric aspect, or jumping is involved.

The same way weight training uses squats done with added weight, high intensity interval training uses jump squats. This pushes the muscles in the body to their limits, in effect using gravity and the weight of your body as resistance. Again, HIIT will increase muscle mass and strength but it will also increase endurance and stamina. With high intensity interval, training you will burn more calories in a shorter time than weight training and it will also boost your cardiovascular health.

HIIT is also a great exercise to boost your metabolism. It is also the best exercise to burn fat, in fact 15 to 20 minutes of HIIT burns more fat than an 1 whole hour of cardio! There is really no excuse not to include high intensity interval training in your weekly schedule. It can be done in less than 30 minutes. Do you have 30 minutes in your day to improve your health and appearance? Sure you do.

#3 Hill Sprinting: This is a simple workout but it is killer. It's as simple as finding a hill somewhere in your neighborhood and running like a zombie is about to kill you unless you reach the top before it does. Granted zombies are pretty slow but you need to get your butt up there nonetheless.

Depending on how steep and how long your hill is, you may only be able to make it up halfway before you need to jog instead of run, but the more you do these hill sprints, the easier they will become. Eventually your leg and core muscles will strengthen, your body's ability to consume oxygen will increase and before you know it, you won't have any problem getting away from that zombie or anything else running after you. This will put your metabolism on high alert and keep it going throughout the day.


The key to any results received from exercise, including boosting metabolism is consistency. Workout regularly and you will see fantastic results!

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