Simple Natural Ways To Whiten Teeth and Boost Your Oral Hygiene

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Secrets to The Best Teeth Whitening Experience 

Are you aware that using the wrong teeth whitening products and methods could result in the permanent damage of your teeth?

A set of teeth is an important feature of our body, and taking care of them plays a crucial role in their maintenance. Different teeth whitening methods can be normally used to make your set of teeth whiter, however the excessive use of some teeth whitening products could be damaging for your teeth. You should avoid using them excessively as an uncontrolled use and incorrect teeth whitening techniques could be very costly. You might end up harming the composition of your teeth in the long term.

It sounds scary but it could cost you hundreds of dollars to revert your teeth back to their former glory.

We have compiled a list of simple tips on how to whiten teeth naturally and boast a confident smile with a pearly brilliant shine.


Simple Tips For a Pearly White Teeth 

  • Limit your use of teeth whitening products during pregnancy

Teeth whitening products are designed to whiten your teeth in a short span of time; however, you should refrain from utilizing teeth whitening products during your pregnancy. The teeth whitening products contain traces of chemicals and components which might leave your teeth briskly clean but, it might potentially hurt the fetus. Instead, you should wait until the delivery of your baby to use such teeth whitening products.

  • Consume plenty of water

Consumption of water in high levels play an integral role in the maintenance and preservation of your teeth, and it lowers the consumption of sugar in your body which could make your teeth look whiter and healthier within no time. If you brush and floss your teeth regularly as directed by your dentist, you will have a brilliant set of white and bright teeth in no time. 

  • Indulge in chewing chew gums

If you are considering bleaching your teeth, you should chew a generous amount of chewing gum after the consumption of meals. A teeth set is naturally white, and the use of selective chewing gums enables a combination of lightening process which is further amalgamated with the preservation of teeth enamel.

  • Consult a dentist for further guidance

The use of certain teeth lightening/bleaching methods is reliant on the chemistry of your mouth. If one method works for your family member—it might not work the same for you. If you have veneers installed in your mouth then the use of particular teeth whitening products can dissipate the composition of your veneers, and it could cost you immensely to have your veneers restored. You should always consult a professional before using teeth whitening products to lighten up your teeth.

  • Be wary of your use of teeth whitening process

If you are investing in any particular teeth lightening options, you should be wary of the quantity and quality of the products that you invest in. Using teeth lightening products in abundance can ruin the composition of your teeth, and it could potentially result in the formation of blue color on your teeth. Be cautious and careful during the utilization of teeth whitening process.

  • Develop a proper dietary plan

If you want to score a whiter and brighter smile within the shortest time period, you should re-evaluate your dietary choices and find out how to get the best teeth whitening home remedies to ensure a brighter smile. Few edibles tend to stain your teeth, and you should eliminate them from your diet to avoid staining your teeth set.

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Below are few examples of teeth staining foods and drinks:

* Tomato-based sauces. Even though tomatoes are excellent sources of many essential nutrients, the pigment that makes the deep red colour makes them a great candidate for teeth staining.

* Red wine. Do you enjoy a good tasting red wine like I do? Of course, it’s okay to enjoy and indulge in the occasional glass of wine, however, you should bear it in mind that one of the most common causes of tooth staining is red wine. An easy solution would be to make sure to brush your teeth after drinking wine.

* Coffee and Tea. Both coffee and tea contain tannins and these have been shown to cause staining. I wonder if adding some milk to your tea and coffee might make a difference? Let me know. There are quite a number of home remedies that can remove coffee stained teeth.

* Curry Sauce. I love goat curry but I've got to say that the color infused food can leave a colorful mark on the teeth.

* Soda. Drinks like Cola are not very healthy. The ingredients in Cola include things like dark colouring ( that gives the cola its dark color), acidic ingredients which could have detrimental effects on the enamel.

 * Soy sauce. An excellent recipe for your favorite stir fry but over indulgence can lead to teeth staining. This is due to the black coloring of soy sauce. Again, be sure to brush your teeth immediately after enjoying a great meal of your stir-fry.

* Beetroot. Beetroot is a potential culprit when it comes to teeth staining. Although, there are claims that beetroot is quite healthy and filled with vitamins and minerals, caution should be exercised because of its tendency to stain the teeth.

* Fruit juices. Colored fruit juices like blueberry, grape juices and cranberry all have potentials to leave stains on the teeth.

Other potential teeth staining products include berries, balsamic vinegar, acidic and citrus foods, as well as some sports and energy drinks.

With all the above foods and drinks having a potential to cause teeth staining, it is advisable to know the different kinds of teeth whitening home remedies available to decide the best method on how to get your teeth white.

If you are looking to investing in teeth whitening products, you should consider researching various products to ensure they work and have good reviews. The lack of proper research can cause detrimental and irreparable damage to your teeth set.

Always remember not to over indulge, when it comes to using teeth whitening products. Excessive use could be damaging to your teeth, and you should avoid using them in excess.

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