Weight Loss Secret For Women Over 40: An Important Role of Metabolism

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We are aware that losing pounds is a hard thing to do, especially at the start of the new year where various new year resolutions are made out talking about new diets and ideal body goals.

We all desired to lose extra few pounds but the truth is we just want to know the fastest and simplest way to lose that unwanted pounds.

You might even search for the most effective ab workouts for female so that you can turn that body fats into that curvy, sexy abs you see those female personalities on TV.

It is important to know that there is no such thing as one size fits all. Since most of the times, weight loss in men misunderstood with weight loss in women.

One study shows that there is a difference between how women lose weight to men. Which is understandable since the anatomy of women is quite contradictory to men.

Unlike in men, fats are prone to get around on woman’s thighs, arms, and mid-waist. In men, the fats are prone to concentrate around the belly area.

Regardless of these survey, the above results don’t necessarily 100% truth since no one size fits all, for everyone is unique and different in their own body anatomy.

Significant Role of Metabolism in your Weight Loss:

Weight Loss WOMEN Metabolism Food

Have you ever wondered about your best buddy with whom you started the weight loss marathon is shedding the weights off easily than yours?

Despite your effort to eat healthy food and daily exercise?

Metabolism is most likely the culprit. (check out how to increase metabolism)

The rate of metabolism can vary from one person to person. For example, men are known to be able to easily lose weight than women due to the high percentage of muscle mass found in men.

3 Key Components regarding metabolism and weight loss:

Gender Matters: Have you ever wonder why men can easily lose weight?

The simple reason for this is the fact that it’s easier and faster to lose the weight when you have more muscles and less fat. And one studies shown that men generally have more muscles and less body fat than women. That’s why this should not come surprisingly.

Bone Structure: have you ever heard the words “big and small boned”?

It has been shown that a fast metabolism is exhibited by big boned people, and they also burn more even while they’re sleeping.

Age: Metabolism slows down with aging. As our age increases, your metabolism decreases. This is due to the different changes that took place in the body system and body structure.

Regardless of the 3 above components, following a workout routine would help you lose weight.

Stay away from Short Cut Diets:

Avoid taking shortcuts like doing yo-yo diets and taking diet pills this is not a wise thing to do. These are quick diets that have a short-term effect and the weight normally returns back.

These shortcut diets are also unhealthy because they cut out the normal healthy lifestyle. There is a change for the quick fixes to cause the body to go into a preservation mode because of inadequate calorie taking.

Be aware, not to fall for diets that assert they have a solution for every kind of weight loss. No such diet exists because every human is unique and different due to genetic makeup, body structures, metabolism rates, and etc.

And remember that a healthy weight loss does not happen overnight.

Habits for achieving Successful Weight Loss:

Weight Loss WOMEN MetabolismWe’ve been through that enticing foods and snacks at the grocery stores that grabs your attention.

And I’ve always wondered why grocery stores would put those fattening, unhealthy foods at eye level. I’m guessing it is because they don’t want me to miss it!

I once listened to an interview where a TV personality says, he never makes any important decision when he is weary.  Since bad decisions are usually made when we are tired or feeling weary. What we are experiencing and how we feel at any point in time can influence our food choices.

Mindset - The first thing to do before you lose weight, is to change your mindset and plan to have a successful weight loss result.

With the right mindset, it will be a lot simpler to get rid of unnecessary foods and snacks and not feel bad.

Size of your Plate – Control the portion of your place. If you don’t how to, then you might want to start by measuring out your portions. The size of the food we consume can be easily overlooked when we are under stress.

Check yourself - You should ask yourself “If you want to eat because you’re hungry or just want to relieve stress?” If you want to eat just for comfort, it’s time to change your hobby. Take something as easier as taking a walk in the park or even yoga or meditating.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits - A healthy lifestyle habit should be part of your daily eating lifestyle. These habits should not only be utilized at home but anywhere you go. It is important to practice the habit of saying “no” to a party or event without the feeling of guilt.

A very important note is never to feel guilty for making a choice not to eat those tempting foods serve all around and can’t be avoided.

Secure a Weight Loss Plan:

A great way to start your weight loss story is to have an ideal weight loss plan. This plan would help you have an idea of your progress as you go along. It gives you a good track of your goal and your daily schedule.

The Internet has a lot of information and advice regarding weight loss plan. But be sure to choose wisely the best and ideal weight loss plan for you. The worst case to happen is to give up in the middle of your plan because It’s no longer working.

Be acceptable that you are different and unique from the other person on the same weight loss story with you. Because weight loss plan A works for your friend does not mean it will work for you too.

The key to achieving great success in any weight loss plan is to keep it easy. Do not overthink of losing weight. You want to make it as enjoyable and fun.

There is a plenty of resources available both online and offline to choose from. The goal is to get the one you believe would work with your schedule and go for it, making sure you enjoy the journey.

As I said earlier, a successful weight loss diet plan would include a great workout routine, in addition to healthy eating and the portion you eat.

Workout exercise that helps you Lose Weight:

Workout exercise is fresh, fun and energetic. A good workout exercise can boost energy.

Workout exercise doesn’t have to be boring. You can customize your weight loss exercise by trying different types of styles into your workout exercise, so it doesn’t become repetitive and boring.

The best thing about a great workout regimen is that you don’t even have to step into the gym to lose the weight. You should be able to do it right in the comfort of your home or office.

With the access to new technology, you can now download workout routines on mobile apps that make working out at home fun, effective and exciting.

As mentioned earlier, the key to a great workout is to keep it fresh and energetic. You can add other various physical activities like Zumba, hiking, boxing, biking, walking, jogging, and other fun activity that gets your heart rate pumping.

Riding a bicycle can help you tone your muscles while dancing can be a workout that helps you lose weight.

My point is, if you can choose and make your workout routines something that you look forward to, you stand a better chance of continuing with it to get the result you desire.

Tools That Can Utilize Weight Loss in Women:

You don’t need expensive tools when starting your weight loss journey. Basic tools like weight measurements, home exercise equipment, essential oils, even stimulating bracelets, and journal to keep track of your record and weight loss is all you need.

Weight measurements are vital since this can be used to check if you’ve lost weight. Tracking and keeping records in a journal is also a great motivator that encourages you to keep going.

If you can afford, purchase a good home exercise equipment. This will save you extra money on gym memberships, and able you to work out of your own home.

Regarding of choosing the right equipment.

Be diligent enough and check out each one’s benefits and limitations. Check the product reviews, before purchasing. Choose the one you believe is the most practical and suitable for you.

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