EXACTIVE EQ Simple" Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter with 50 strips+50 Needles & Lancet

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NO CODING Blood Sugar Monitor: 

  • Brand Name:MICROTECH MEDICAL                 
    -No coding. The strips and the meter auto matches.
    -Tiny sample size.
    -Quick and accurate: test results come out in 5 seconds.
    -Small and erogonomic: easy to carry.
    -High and low BG level alert.
    -Automatic test memory.
  • Item Type:Blood Glucose
  • Material:ABS
  • Size:16*12*5mm
  • Model Number:EQ-0711B
  • Test time:5 seconds
  • Test Memory:20 test results
  • Battery Type:CR 2032 3.0V Coin Cell Battery
  • Certificate:CE FDA
  • unit:mmol/L

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