Top 3PCS Kissing Enhancer Bamboo Themed Paste with Charcoal Toothbrush Plus Teeth Brightening Bamboo Charcoal Powder

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GET YOUR CHARCOAL TOOTHPASTE AND BONUS BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH and CHARCOAL Whitening Powder. You will see the incredible benefits of using the Sparkle Beauty activated charcoal toothpaste along with your new bamboo toothbrush to start yourself on a journey of whiter, healthier teeth, and a beautiful smile!

Boost your overall oral health and sport an attractive fresh crisp breath any day without having to blow a hole in your wallet. Regular use will result in the removal of stains of smoking, coffee, tea, and colored foods.

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL TEETH WHITENING SYSTEM - A loving beauty teeth solution made from organic activated coconut charcoal, no messy powder or strips, free of fluoride and decolorizer, 100% natural and safe for you or your family, help get rid of the pathogenic bacterium and whiten teeth, make your smile more healthy and shiny

FRESHEN YOUR BREATH TO BE SOCIALLY ATTRACTIVE - Powerful adsorption ability of activated charcoal, it’s also a great source of negative ions which can help release the gunk that builds up on your teeth, help remove coffee, tea, and smoke stains effectively, take away the bad odor, bring you fresh breath and make you look irresistible.

LEAVE YOU A TRULY HEALTHY MOUTH - Healthy in every step, main ingredients are activated coconut charcoal, calcium bentonite clay, organic orange seed oil, organic mint, coconut oil, deionized water, glycerin etc. No synthetic additives, preservatives, foaming agents, fluoride, artificial colors or flavors.

EXCELLENT FOR GUM HEALTH - Simple but the natural composition, more gentle on enamel, reduce teeth sensitivity, prevent tooth decay and protect teeth from an attack by acidity and firm them, overall care for oral health.

EASY TO USE - Firstly, damp the toothbrush, and dip in the powder (a good amount that fits the surface of the toothbrush bristles).Gently brush teeth for 1-2 mins, rinse thoroughly. The second step, apply a generous amount of toothpaste, brushing every corner of all teeth back and forth and rinse until all the charcoal residue has been completely washed away


  • Black bamboo charcoal 60g teeth brightening clean fresh toothpaste
  • Special Oral Hygiene Boosting characteristics of the 3 PCS set.
  • Removes teeth stains, neutralizing odors.
  • adsorption plaque - Helps in the removal of dental stains, whitens teeth, giving a breath of fresh air.
  • Sterilizing Properties - Helps prevent oral inflammation, oral ulcers, and bleeding gums.
  • Energy Release- aids in the effective promotion of oral hygiene, improving oral immunity.
  • Supplementary nutrition - Boosts healthy gums, prevent receding gums.
  • Purification treatment - aids in improving the oral environment, reducing the chance of oral disease.